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Tips for Isolation

Updated: Jan 23

COVID-19 LIFE: At home, distanced and safe is important. We are flattening the Curve - and many of you have worked hard to reduce the impact upon our precious front-line workers to reduce the disease burden they're dealing with.  But we want to acknowledge that distancing socially & physically can leave its mark and as always - we'd love to help you avoid these down-sides so you can 'be well' during this challenging time.

Negative impacts of self-isolation

Research suggests that there are various negative effects of social isolation and loneliness, including:

  • Impaired daily activity and functioning, particularly in older adults

  • Increased risk of cognitive decline, dementia, and depression

  • Reduced adherence to medical treatment and medication

  • Worsened physiological state (e.g., increased blood pressure and inflammation, decreased immune function)

Limited social connection has been associated with increased risk of premature mortality, and has been suggested to be more detrimental than other risk factors, such as physical inactivity, pollution, and obesity. On the other hand, social connections may reduce the risk of premature mortality. 

Do you need help being held accountable? Do you need help deciding what to buy, cook and eat? Do you need help making the right choices? Do you need help implementing those choices?

- our lovely Naturopathic Doctors have some great ideas.

Do you need help figuring out what is physiologically out of whack? Do you need help finding the missing puzzle piece, knowing what steps to take and how to prioritize them? Dr. Lia, Dr. Corey and Dr.Pattillo are fully equipped to help from the comfort of your own home - offering essential care to patients remotely. Check out the two talks highlighted below - and let us know if you'd like to enroll. - April 12th 2020 : Managing Stress, Staying Sane [Free] - Jordan Swartz - April 23rd 2020 : Green Thumb 101 [$50] - Dr. Jones  Let's, however, start by taking a few moments to nurture your 'self' with a list of tips below to choose from :

CLINIC OPERATIONS: - we're answering phones & checking email daily, please leave a Voicemail and we'll get back to you if you can't reach us 705.446.2200 - we're preparing orders for refills and arranging pick up at 3pm daily or drop off - we're booking virtual visits for your essential care needs [via the regular booking software] Have a question or suggestion? Email us at

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