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Family & Pediatric Health

We are passionate about keeping the whole family unit well.  Sometimes, it becomes difficult to improve one family member's health without addressing the entire unit - and we try our hardest to make these changes cohesive and beneficial for all family members, including you!

Common Reasons To Improve Health As A Family

Examples we see often in our health clinic:

  • Mom might be coming in because she's exhausted and her baby is waking up due to digestive complaints - while we aim to help our patient with her fatigue, we must also help make the baby more comfortable so she/he can sleep to achieve these goals.  

  • One child might have a food sensitivity or intolerance, well how do you roll out the dietary change for him/her?  We’ll help you strategize and also get buy-in from your child, so they are on board to make health changes. 

  • One kid has a parasite, but who else in the household has been exposed but might not be showing symptoms?  When we treat him/her we want to make sure they won’t be re-exposed/infected in the future so it isn’t a futile effort.

How Our Integrative Team Can Help Improve Your Family's Health

Be Well together to ensure better personal health outcomes through supporting each other as a family.  The choices we make and habits we have influence our children for life — help them know how to take charge of their own health by modeling this through your own health.

•   Healthy & simple meal plans for your entire family 

•   Immune health fine-tuning.  Learn what foods, supplements and lifestyle habits can keep you from missing school or work.  And what supplements can everyone take so your counter isn't lined with bottles of supplements.

•   Annual adult & child naturopathic visits.  Review your blood work, nutrition, stress, sleep and let’s continue to honour your health by refining your treatment plans annually - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

How To Get Started With Family Wellness at Our Collingwood Clinic

Book in with one of our Naturopathic Doctors to get started on bringing optimal wellness home. We offer both adult & children's naturopath appointments (view our fee structure here)

Not sure if we’re the right fit? Come have tea with us and let us answer any questions you may have - free of charge!

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