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Jennifer Corey ND RAc RMT

I have a passion for helping women transition through their many phases of life - especially into motherhood.  I strongly believe that fear and anxiety should not be in the driver's seat when trying to conceive, carrying a child, giving birth and during the postpartum period.  There is so much information out there and I am here to help you navigate the chaos of it.  Your journey is one that should not be travelled alone.  I care deeply about supporting you through this journey and have many tools at my disposal to provide empathetic and supportive care through Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Massage therapy.

I want your journey to becoming a parent to be one rich in joy, empowerment and a feeling of community. I have a special interest in women's health, preconception care, fertility, prenatal care [which begins at conception - not 20 weeks], birth preparation, pelvic pain, postpartum care and children's health.  I will develop an individualized integrated plan to address all your concerns.

My approach includes lab tests, nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and massage therapy.  I'm here to complete the circle of care by being a part of your healthcare team

Jennifer Corey Naturopathic Doctor Acupuncturist Registered Massage Therapist Birth and Fertility

My Professional Birth Story

The spark that ignited a lifelong passion for supporting women through their childbearing years began when I was a student of massage therapy at a hospital outreach. I was asked to support a woman in labour. I saw first-hand how my presence and massage therapy could transform a woman's birthing experience. I was amazed at how I was able to bring calm to a birth and allow space for things to progress.

I was hooked! I knew I needed to support my patients through their pregnancies, birth and postpartum. I became a doula and supported many patients through their journey. I was honoured to experience the birth of women into mothers and couples into parenthood. Attending births, seeing Midwives in action, and taking labour support courses gave me great experiences. I wanted my patients’ pregnancies, birth and postpartum recovery not to be driven by fear, but rather empowered and fully supported. Four years into my massage therapy practice I studied acupuncture in Toronto and went to China for an internship. I started to integrate acupuncture into my practice right away, especially for fertility.

I continued to learn more about labour support from an amazing homeopath and herbalist but bringing that to my practice took a little longer. I wanted to have a full understanding of the benefits and risks. This led me to Naturopathic medicine with a focus on perinatal and pediatric care. Integrating all three of these, along with over 20 years of practice has benefited the care of my patients. I love supporting women and their families and I am honoured to have been there from the very beginnings of their journey into parenthood. I am accepting patients and their families. I look forward to meeting you and yours.

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