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Jordan Swartz M.A.Sc, CNP, FMCHC

I was born with poor health, requiring my first pharmaceutical when I was just 1 hour old. This was a tell-tale sign of things to come. I suffered from a long list of ailments including allergies, asthma, eczema, IBS, insomnia, fatigue, and chronic sinus and chest infections. My symptoms were managed by a myriad of medications. I continued with managing all my symptoms right through to my 30s, but really didn’t feel or function well. I had a stressful career as a computer engineer. My diet was high in sugar and processed foods. I often stayed up to the wee hours of the morning and slept through my alarm clock.


In my mid-30s I finally hit rock bottom with a big health crisis—I was unable to work for a few months. At the recommendation of my sister, I took a leap of faith and went to see a naturopathic doctor. I’d never heard of naturopathic medicine. This was a life changing transformation for me. My naturopathic doctor got me through my health crisis in a few months and I was back on my feet again.Through working with my naturopathic doctor over a number of years and later a functional medicine doctor, I was able to eliminate all my health issues and no longer required any medications. I completely transformed my health and life!


My transformation not only radically changed my health, but led me to change my career. One of the first things I did on my journey back to health was to leave my career in computer engineering. I continued to focus on improving my health, while learning all that I could about leading a healthy lifestyle. I eventually returned to school to study nutrition, cooking, and health coaching.


In 2017, I decided to move to Collingwood. Living in the Georgian Bay area has allowed me easy access to the outdoors so that I could pursue all my new favourite activities including hiking, mountain biking, stand-up paddling, kayaking, skiing, and snow-shoeing.


Over the years, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and experience about leading a truly healthy lifestyle. I continue to study everything from how traditional cultures lived to the latest research into healthy living in our modern world. My aim in Health Coaching is to support my clients in walking their own path to long-term health and wellness.


  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Certification in Functional Medicine Health Coaching, 2017

  • Institute for Functional Medicine, Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, 2015

  • Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, Chef Training Program. 2012

  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition, 2011