Fees for Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage and Functional Nutrition Coaching

We offer FREE 15 minute meet and greet appointments to determine whether you think we're a good fit for you. 

Naturopathic Service Fees:  

Dr. Lia Sonnenburg, ND

Initial (120 Min) Adult Visit $270                         

Initial (75 Min) Adult Visit $225                           

F/U Adult (75 Min) $195                                       

F/U Adult (60 Min) $165                                       

F/U Adult (45 Min) $134                                       

F/U Adult (30 Min) $101                                     

F/U Adult (15 Min) $68                                         


Initial (60min) Child Visit $172                            

F/U Child (60 Min) $145                                                                             

F/U Child (45 Min) $116                                        

F/U Child (30 Min) $88                                          

F/U Child (15 Min) $60                                       

Dr. Aranka Jones, ND

Initial (90-120 Min) Adult Visit $360

Second (90 Min) Adult Visit $240


Initial (60 Min) Child Visit $180

Second (45 Min) Child Visit $150

Subsequent Visits:

F/U (90 Min) $270

F/U (75 Min) $225

F/U (60 Min) $180

F/U (45 Min) $150

F/U (30 Min) $100

F/U (15 Min) $75

Dr. Jennifer Corey ND RMT RAc

Naturopathic Care

Free Discovery -use screening tool to help with alignment (15 mins) $FREE

Discovery Intake -health history and questionnaires (75mins) $225

Disclosure appointment -Pelvic Health Plan (30mins) $100

Transformational Healthcare Follow-up (30mins) $100

Transformational Acute care/Milestone Check-in (15mins) $68


Disclosure leads to outcome-based appointments/manual based treatments

Group program to come


Acupuncture Care

Initial Health Discovery & Treatment (60mins) $110

Continuation of Care (30mins) $80

Senior discount 10%

After completing 10 continuation of care appointments there is no charge for the 11th appointment


Massage Therapy 

Pelvic pain treatment (60mins) $110

Stress reduction (60mins) $110

Stress reduction (30mins) $60

Prenatal massage with pregnancy cushion (60mins) $110

Postpartum massage (60mins) $110

Postpartum massage, post c-section up to 6 weeks (30mins) $60

** F/U = follow-up

***  Services are HST exempt including tests & labs; IV materials and supplements are not.


Functional Health Coaching Fees:

Individual Coaching Sessions are $75

All sessions in a package are 45 minutes long, except for the first Foundation Session which is 90 minutes long.

Package Deal Coaching Sessions

5 Session Package - $350

10 Session Package - $650

All Functional Health Coaching sessions are held with Jordan Swartz, M.A.Sc, CNP, FMCHC.

Is There Coverage?

As of yet, OHIP does not cover Naturopathic Physicians in the province of Ontario.
Most extended health benefit insurance offers some coverage for naturopathic medicine.  Please inquire directly with them to see what coverage you are eligible for.
All payments will be received upfront and a receipt will be given so that you can submit independently to receive your eligible reimbursement.

Please book a complimentary 15 min visit to talk to us if you are in financial need.


What should I expect in terms of Investment?

Every patient is different and may require more or less time in the office in varying frequencies.
Generally, there is a long first visit which includes a comprehensive history taking and if time allows – a basic physical exam. Any required laboratory work is then requested (either from your doctor or from the lab) in time for your second visit – when a proper plan of action is put into place.  


Not sure if we’re the right fit? Come have tea with us and let us answer any questions you may have - free of charge!