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Naturopathic Medicine Services

Be Well Collingwood has an incredible team of Naturopathic practitioners providing functional medicine, lab testing, IV therapy, nutrition support, acupuncture, hormone therapy, registered massage and more to Collingwood and surrounding areas. We also regularly see patients from the Barrie, Georgian Bay, Blue Mountains, and Wasaga Beach regions.


Taking a grassroots approach, the seed of a plant will only be as fruitful as the earth in which it's sown. Likewise, orthomolecular nutrition is a necessary cornerstone for everyone’s journey to health and wellness. Discover what it means to have a healthy diet. Functional medicine allows us to uncover nutritional deficiencies using a scientific approach, and orthomolecular nutrition allows us to supplement with large doses of nutrients to address these deficiencies. This approach allows patients to reach their individual goals, overcome genetic differences and achieve a specific therapeutic result by using the body’s innate healing physiology.


Lab testing is a necessary component to developing a health plan for any patient because it allows your doctor to see what is happening inside your body. Our Naturopathic Doctors regularly utilize their testing abilities to run hormone, stool, urine, and other comprehensive lab testing options to ensure you are getting the quality care you deserve based on your body’s unique needs. Sometimes conventional lab testing doesn’t give the full picture necessary to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Specialized testing can help uncover the true causes of your concerns such as food allergies, digestive composition, nutrient status, adrenal patterns, salivary hormones, chemical toxicity, and more.


Intravenous therapy refers to the process of injecting vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. The major benefit to IV therapy and injection therapy is that the nutrients are deposited directly into the bloodstream which ensures 100% absorption. This can be a great treatment option for patients with cancer, digestive issues, heavy metal concerns, adrenal fatigue, and more.


Botanical medicine, or also known as Herbal Medicine, is a common modality used in naturopathy. Many of our conventional pharmaceuticals are actually derived from the chemicals found within botanicals – especially those healing herbs that have been used traditionally for ages. Herbal medicine is a safe, useful, and more natural remedy for many health concerns. Science is continuously validating many of the historical and modern uses of herbal supplements.


Using natural hormones to support the body’s natural rhythms when conventional strategies don’t work is another common approach in Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Lia is licensed to prescribe bioidentical hormones including bioidentical estrogen, compounded progesterone, thyroid hormones, and more. Natural hormone therapy is a helpful approach to managing hormonal issues without the use of synthetic hormones. Hormone therapy requires additional investigation through specialized lab testing and monitoring, however, it can be a powerful healing treatment!


Public Speaking + Wellness Events

Bring health and wellness back into your workplace through programming, seminars, and lectures from our integrative team. Decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and overall employee morale through informative and empowering public speaking about positive health, nutrition and lifestyle education.


Functional Health Coaching

Functional Medicine Health Coaching is a form of health coaching focused on helping you achieve your vision of vibrant health. By creating a safe environment to share, actively listen, and facilitate self-insight, we can create a personalized wellness plan that will help you make long-term lifestyle and health changes.  Using ‘Positive Psychology’ we explore your values, strengths, what motivates you, how you’ve overcome past challenges, and how you like to be held accountable. 

Areas of focus for our health coach include nutrition, cooking, digestion, sleep, relaxation, stress management, exercise, movement, and relationships. 

If you’re working with a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist or another practitioner, our coach can help you in implementing their therapeutic recommendations in a way that works with your lifestyle.



This system of naturopathic medicine is based on restoring the body’s innate ability to heal by prescribing minute doses of natural substance – meant to cause an energetic shift. Useful in almost every issue regardless of physical, mental or emotional origin this safe therapy can address both acute and chronic conditions. This naturopathic modality is safe and helpful for infants, children, and pregnant women.



Restore balance and vitality with traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Taking into account all organ systems, their holistic functioning regarding their individual function and influence on neighbouring bodily systems. This ancient therapy has been shown to have an effect on the way our nervous system communicates feelings of wellness. Acupuncture at Be Well Collingwood can be conducted by either of our Naturopaths to treat symptoms such as: pain management, stress, adrenal fatigue, fertility, and more.


Massage Therapy

This therapy is a great way to unwind and help the body relax into parasympathetic mode.  It involves gentle, hands-on manipulation of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments & connective tissue) of the body.  Useful for everyone whether you're an elite athlete or achy from desk-work.  Treat yourself to this amazing therapy that will melt away the tension from your day.

Interested in learning more about our services? Come have tea with us and let us answer any questions you may have - free of charge!

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