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Virtual Care That Feels Personal

Are you sick of running from commitment to commitment, commuting, parking, and the general hustle of everyday life? Despite being virtual, we offer remote care where your practitioner has the time and space to do a thorough and considerate job.


Both in-person and telemedicine visits are available to ANYONE in Ontario and many of our patients enjoy a hybrid approach because, let’s face it - life is full!


Virtual care shouldn’t feel impersonal. It should be an option that makes your day-to-day less hectic. And maybe it will allow you to see an ND if you live in an underserviced area.

Typing on the Computer

You Will Feel Seen & Heard

More than 2 of 5 people, especially women, have had difficulty accessing care to address their healthcare needs in the last two years [Statistics Canada].

We offer comprehensive naturopathic care virtually without jeopardizing quality.

Women undergo several hormonal transitions throughout their lives and require extra support during these periods. Talk to your ND about how best to balance your hormones during these periods.

Your thyroid is considered the thermostat of your body. It influences metabolism in every cell and is a particularly vulnerable gland. Let’s assess its function and ensure it’s optimal.

Often, we can’t treat just one person in isolation, as their health is dependent on the health of those in their home. We look at the family dynamic and ensure we address everyone's needs so the family unit can thrive.

Digestive health has a profound impact on your overall health and immunity.  We now see clear connections between the gut and the brain.  There’s also a significant connection between your microbiome and chronic illness.  Let’s look deeper at your digestive tract and optimize its function.

What To Expect

To facilitate your telemedicine visit, we use encrypted software according to Canada's national standards, and we are PHIPA and PIPEDA-compliant. From the moment you book online, you’ll be prompted to move through the virtual onboarding process to fill out your forms and add documents to your secure portal (like labs, case histories, pathology reports, etc.) so that we can begin our first visit with a good understanding of where you’re coming from.


Being thorough with your pre-visit prep is one of the best ways to get high value from your first visit. All you need is a computer with a mic, camera, and Google Chrome to join our virtual conference invitation, which is sent to you just before your visit. Don’t have a computer? That is no problem. We can do phone consultations if necessary. 


After the visit, we will provide a clear plan, with details on how to take things and when to follow up with us next. If you need labs taken, you can do that locally at any Lifelabs. To help you start your treatment plan, we’ll invite you to purchase supplements from our online store, which ships all over Canada. You can also see your treatment plan, labs and everything we can see within your portal. 


If there are any problems, our administration team is here to help!

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you a busy mom - working and caring for young ones and trying to do it all?  Skip the commute and check in with us during the slivers of time you have while your little one naps or before they return from childcare.

How It Works

We offer compassionate and thorough virtual care that is accessible and compassionate. We promise to make you feel at home in the virtual space. We make naturopathic care accessible and effective.

There are a few options for getting started:

  • Book yourself online, and you will automatically receive an email with important information about preparing before your visit, including forms and the patient portal setup.

  • Call us, especially if you’re unsure who to see or can’t find a time that suits your schedule.

  1. Learn more about our practitioners here (link) to decide who is the right fit for your important healthcare needs.

  2. Find an appointment time within the booking calendar that suits you.

  3. Follow the instructions in the ‘important things about my appointment’ email to complete your forms.

  4. Load into your forms your supplement and drug list in detail.

  5. Add previous labs, reports and imaging to your portal documents so your ND can review them before your visit.

  6. Just before your visit, you will receive an email with a link to the secure telemedicine software. Follow this link to consult with your ND.

  7. After your visit, we will arrange for your supplements, labs and other treatment directives to be available.

  8. Your billing will be arranged after the visit through our administration staff. You can pay over the phone, by e-transfer, or online.

Still Have Questions Before Booking?

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