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Naturopathic Medicine

Feel Well, Live Well, Be Well

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You're sitting in your Doctors office feeling certain there is something that just isn't right.  He/She looks over your labs, sees no highlighted 'Hi/Lo' values, and concludes 'you're fine'.  But you know based on the way you feel - this just isn't right and you want to feel better. 


Just because your lab tests are within range doesn't mean you're healthy.  Laboratory reference ranges are based on population averages and not physiological ideals.  They are often way too broad and sometimes very outdated.  Who wants to be fine anyway? So when you google "Naturopath near me" you'll find us.  At BeWell we are looking for optimal and inspired living -- not just 'fine'.  We want you to thrive.  Your BeWell ND will want to go over all your labs a second time and likely even investigate further until we find action points and improvement.

You deserve better. You deserve to be well.  


The system that was designed to treat disease was never designed to keep you well. - Meghan Walker

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About Us

As our name suggests, we want the community in Collingwood to Be Well. We are also happy to serve the surrounding areas including Barrie, Georgian Bay, Blue Mountains, Meaford, and Wasaga Beach.


Our clinic is a place where we have the time and interest in hearing your whole story. Our naturopathic doctors are medically trained, but naturally oriented and we believe that physiology prevails over pathology.


We have an integrative team with a holistic offering of services including naturopathic medicine, functional nutrition, iv therapy, lab testing, acupuncture, massage therapy and pelvic health solutions.

Naturopathic Medicine Collingwood

Lab testing is a crucial component of any health plan. Our Naturopathic Doctors are qualified to run diagnostic tests to determine the optimal treatment plan for your individual needs. Testing options include Lifelabs blood tests, genetic testing, hormone testing, SIBO testing, DUTCH testing, and more. 

Functional medicine is a science-based approach to healthcare that involves identifying and addressing the root cause of disease.  Our team of naturopaths and nutritionists draw on insights from orthomolecular nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and other alternative medicine practices to help patients heal naturally. 

When large doses of vitamins and nutrients are needed – IV therapy allows us to bypass the stomach and directly restore blood concentrations. There are several indications for IV therapy as our foods become less nutritious, our exposures increase and our gene expression changes. IV nutrients support immune function, detoxification, elimination and a variety of other processes.

We offer FREE 15 minute meet and greet appointments to determine whether you think we're a good fit for you. Come in and interview us, let's chat about what we can offer you and answer any questions you may have.

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