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Be Well

Where you matter most.


As its name suggests this is a place where we have time and interest in hearing your entire case.  We like helping people - we want you to be well.  Although we're medically trained, we're naturally oriented and believe that physiology prevails over pathology.  Using a unique approach to each and every patient we're able to customize your health care plan.



Many of our pharmaceuticals are derived from the chemicals found within botanicals – especially those that have been used for ages. Plants however often are full of a variety of effective constituents that when administered, require a smaller dosage and cause less severe toxicity. Research is validating many of the historical uses of these phytopharmaceuticals.

Taking a grassroots approach, the seed of a plant will only be as fruitful as the earth in which its sown. Likewise nutrition is a major cornerstone on everyone’s journey to health and wellness. Discover what it means to have a healthy diet. Orthomolecular medicine allows us to supplement with large doses of nutrients where indicated to reach a certain goal, overcome a genetic difference and achieve a specific therapeutic result by using the body’s innate physiology.

When large doses of vitamins and nutrients are needed – IV therapy allows us to bypass the stomach and directly restore blood concentrations. There are several indications for IV therapy as our foods become less nutritious, our exposures increase and our gene expression changes. IV nutrients support immune function, detoxification, elimination and a variety of other processes.


We offer FREE 15 minute meet and greet appointments to determine whether you think we're a good fit for you. Come in and interview us, let's chat about what we can offer you and answer any questions you may have.