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Covid-19 Clinic Update for Be Well Collingwood

Offering Virtual Appointments

Now offering secure virtual visits.

We are dedicated to keeping our facility as risk-free as possible.  We kindly ask that you consider a virtual/phone appointment if you or someone you've been in contact with has suffered from a serious illness.  We see many immuno-compromised individuals daily and their therapies are important to their prognosis.  In an effort to service our existing patient base while following the guidelines set out by public health, Dr. Sonnenburg will be piloting a secure Telemedicine software this week.  If you have an upcoming appointment and you'd like to change to a virtual one, please either call us or book online, with a booking note for 'virtual'.  Perhaps you really want to chat, but coming in is not the right fit - now you can book your appointment for a virtual follow-up.  Please give us a call to make arrangements and talk about options if you'd like more information.

What you need to know about COVID-19 (and I'm sure you've heard all this already):

- Wash your Hands. The virus is spread by droplets, but can be airborne when droplets are teeny-tiny - Avoid unnecessary outings - If you think you're infected, contact your public health unit or speak with your family doctor (Naturopathic Doctors don't have access to the testing, unfortunately - but we can help manage your case)

Natural Solutions For the Coronavirus:

If you'd like to discuss your unique determinants of health and what might be the best supportive approach - book your TeleHealth consult today.  There is actually some published data on Coronavirus and nutraceuticals [PMID:32061635] but we always recommend you discuss these with your ND in the context of your own health.

Our Updated Clinic operations:

1.  No walk-ins please.  We are required to screen you before you will be allowed entrance into the clinic.  The door will, therefore, be locked. 2. Supplement refills: please call ahead and Denise will prepare the order for you for pick up outside.  Delivery requests may also be considered.  Our online store is up and running - please also use this great service so you don't have to leave your home.

3. If you have a booked therapy/visit, we ask you to wait in your car until we either come to get you or call your cell phone.

4. You will be expected to wear PPE and we will also be wearing PPE (masks, gloves, etc.).

5. We ask that you consider changing your visit to a virtual/telemedicine appointment or we may have to delay your appointment until further direction from the ministry.

6. We are taking extra measures to our regular routine cleaning schedule to ensure we're minimizing risk.

** We appreciate your patience as we do our best to provide care under the above operational procedures.  We will do our best to minimize delays in the provision of services/products.**

Until then....

1. Get your sleep 2. Wash yo' hands 3. Stay away from peeps outside your household a.k.a 'social distancing' 4. Eat your many colours fruits/veggies (antioxidant status linked to outcomes with COVID 19) 5. Eat some 'shrooms and Brazil nuts (allergies under consideration of course) 6. Cut out the sugar/sweets and crap packaged food 7. Use your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 8. Lean into your downtime.  Decompress.  Enjoy your household - rejoice in their presence and health.

Question? We have answers - and now we can offer them securely over Telemedicine consults. Book here now!

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