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Wendy Barrett, BSc., N.W.S.

My passion for good food started when I was growing up in the farmlands and vineyards of Cape Town, South Africa. I grew up in a ’non-North American’ culture with NO access to fast food as no such option existed at the time in that country. A Mediterranean-style healthy diet of balanced meals prepared using local produce with a heavy emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, cheeses, olive oil, whole grains, and local wine was the order of the day!

With an intense fascination for life sciences and particularly the human body, I enrolled in a pre-med BSc. degree at the University of Cape Town and graduated 4 years later with a major in Applied Anatomy and a minor in Chemistry. Years later, after moving to Toronto, my passion for fitness, health and nutrition further inspired me to get certified through CanFitPro as a Personal Trainer / Fitness Trainer and then as a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. In addition, I later certified as a nutrition specialist for adults over the age of 50 to enhance my understanding of the changing nutritional and lifestyle needs of this important demographic. 


Over the past 10 years, I have worked as a nutritionist providing Nutrition Counseling services to clients both in Toronto and Collingwood with a focus on: eating to balance blood sugar, boost metabolism, gain and lose weight to achieve a healthy weight, optimize energy levels, balance gut microflora, treat chronic systemic inflammation and manage disease.

I am also currently in the process of becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) to continue to further my knowledge in the constantly changing field of functional nutrition through the frequent publications and seminars available to me.


I find it tremendously uplifting to be able to help clients make concrete and lasting improvements to their health, through sustained nutritional change. I recognize that preparing nutritionally balanced meals can be very time consuming and I have heard this concern from my clients many times over the years. This ongoing problem led my husband and I to start a nutritional catering service a few years ago called The Second Brain Co. Although we no longer run this service, we greatly enjoyed our time providing high quality & nutritious, ready-made meals for busy working professionals throughout Collingwood and the surrounding areas. 

I am very excited to be working with the Be Well Collingwood team! Both Dr. Lia Sonnenburg and Dr. Aranka Jones have such a wealth of knowledge in functional medicine, and extensive naturopathic medical experience and I look forward to being able to play a part in supporting clients on their nutritional journey to optimal health!

Wendy Barrett - Nutritionist - Be Well Collingwood
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